Frequently Asked Questions

What is our process?

  1. After our initial contact, we will communicate with you on your concept which can be either a rough sketch or a detailed print of what you would like us to build.
  2. We will meet with you to pick lumber types, hardware, and get an understanding of your desires and expectations from the project. Then decisions will be made for the project scope. If a CAD drawing is necessary, there will be an up-charge for the drawing.
  3. Joel Bare Woodworking will provide a free estimate.
  4. After we receive the signed contract and down payment, you will be put on a time schedule
  5. Building of the project begins.
  6. The building of the project is completed.
  7. Final payment is required upon customer pick-up of the project.

How do I clean my wooden countertops?

Butcher Block is essentially maintenance free and can be cleaned with a damp rag and warm water.

Why buy a wooden countertop?

Wood is a beautiful and unique countertop surface that will add warmth to any space and is a great accent to stone products.

What type of finishes do we use?

We have two types of finishes to choose from:

  1. Conversion Varnish: Heat, water and alcohol resistant that is relatively maintenance free, but not food safe as a preparation area.
  2. Mineral oil: Is food safe for a food preparation area and needs to be maintained by recoating monthly. Simply apply coating liberally and after a 5-10 minute period, wipe off the excess.

How do I know which is the strongest wood to use for my countertops?

Please review the Janka Hardness Scale which rates the relative hardness of wood.

Can I set hot pans directly on top of my countertop?

It is not recommended to set hot pans directly on countertops.

Can I visit the woodworking shop?

Absolutely, Joel will meet with each client personally from the introduction and throughout the process after the product is sold. These visits will be by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.

Will you come to a job site to install our project?

We do not do any installation but we do offer a list of trusted and experienced installers that you can schedule.

Do you deliver?

We offer local delivery but pick up is preferred.